Live blood analysis

What is live blood analysis (LBA)?

LBA is the visualisation of live, whole blood under a microscope. Live blood contains living red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets suspended in plasma. Assessing live blood provides valuable information about health status and is used by Dr Naude as an adjunctive health assessment tool.

What does live blood analysis entail?

LBA simply requires one drop of blood, this is done by pricking the finger with a lancing device, although not totally pain free, pricking the finger is minimally invasive. We then take the drop of blood and place it under a high-power microscope for analysis using both bright, dark-field and phase contrast techniques. The process is interactive and educational, we project what the microscope sees onto a large screen as well as demonstrate and discuss all our observations and their potential meaning during the process.

What information can it provide?

Directly visualizing living blood cells as they are found in the bloodstream provides useful information about general health and nutritional status. The appearance, activity, shape and arrangement of these cells as well as the presence of other abnormal features in the blood provides the healthcare professional with useful additional information which can be incorporated into a holistic, individualized treatment plan.

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